Rider Donations

Rider Donations


Minimum Donation Requirement

RATPOD is the single largest fundraiser for Camp Mak-A-Dream.  The impact of each donation is felt throughout the year.  As a rider in RATPOD we ask that you raise at least $100 for Camp Mak-A-Dream, however many of our riders raise far more than that!  

Riders are encouraged to continue raising as much as possible between now and the ride in June. Riders can raise money on an individual rider basis or they can form teams to raise money together.  If fundraising as a team, each team member must setup an online fundraising page, there must be at least two members of your team and we ask that all team members are registered and established by June 1st. We also simply ask that each rider turn in at least $100 in donations by the date of the ride. 

If you do not wish to solicit donations, you will have the option of making the donation yourself, either at the time you register, or anytime prior to the event start. 



Riders can set up a customized online fundraising page to solicit donations, you may also setup a team fundraising page. It's quick and easy, simply click here to get started.  


If you are also soliciting donations offline, donations must be turned in prior to the start of the RATPOD ride to be eligible for prizes at the end of the ride BBQ in Dillon, MT.  Please note, offline donations are not reflected on  your fundraising totals unless manually entered by you, the rider. 

Donations should be collected prior to the actual ride and can either be mailed to Camp Mak-A-Dream at the address below or turned in at the pre-ride check-in on June 21, 2019 in Dillon. Mailed in donations must be received at the Camp BEFORE June 14, 2019 for them to count toward prizes.

Mail donations to:  Camp Mak-A-Dream / 
RATPOD ride / 
P.O. Box 1450, 
Missoula, MT 59806-1450 (please note rider name on memo of each check or attach a note to the cash)

Bring donations to Missoula office: Camp Mak-A-Dream / 2110 Johnson St., Missoula, MT 59801  (please note rider name on memo of each check or attach a note to the cash)

Click here to download the donation form.

Incentives & Prizes

Riders who raise $1,000 or more will receive an official RATPOD Yellow Jersey (Maillot Jaune!) and qualify for early-entry in the following year's ride. Riders who raise $500-$999 will receive a free (current year's style) RATPOD jersey. Grand prizes will also be given out at the post-ride BBQ on Saturday evening to the riders who have collected and turned in the top total donation amounts.

NOTE: Only donations that have been processed and received by Camp Mak-A-Dream as of the start of the event on Saturday morning will count toward prizes. Pledges and outstanding donations will NOT count toward prize award totals.